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PowerView® Automation


PowerView® Automation allows you to experience the wonders of modern technology in beautiful window treatments like motorized blinds, motorized shades. Kick back and control your window treatments from anywhere in your house, from sunburst arches to your bedroom drapery. At Elevation Blinds, we're your local experts on motorized window coverings, including professional installation and friendly consulting to help you find the perfect finishing touch. Revamp your space with colorful shades, classic wood blinds, or even stunning shutters, all compatible with innovative motorization.

What is PowerView® Automation?

PowerView® Automation is a revolutionary technology that transforms your home's ordinary window coverings into a stylish and innovative system. Enjoy the convenience of smart technology in your window treatments without added bulk. Take complete and total control of your home's natural light from anywhere inside or outside of your home. No more constantly adjusting your shades and blinds with lighting that automatically adapts, morning, midday, and night.

What does PowerView® Automation offer?

Effortless Scheduling

Save time and energy with the Red Dot Design Award winner designed for the ultimate convenience and ease. Program your motorized window treatment to operate on a custom schedule you design in the user friendly PowerView® smartphone app.


Color code unique schedules for individual lighting profiles in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and more. Set your motorized blinds or shades to adjust throughout the day based on your local sunrise and sunset times, and even temperature. Have your windows close during the sunniest time of day, even when you're not home, to lower energy costs and keep out excess warmth.

PowerView® Automation and motorized blinds, smart blinds, electric blinds, automated blinds near Charleston, South Carolina (SC)

Hands Free Convenience

PowerView® Automation and motorized blinds, smart blinds, electric blinds, automated blinds near Charleston, South Carolina (SC)

Tilt your blinds and shades with the power of your voice using one of several smart home technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Logitech systems.


Transform your windows into an accessible and elegant operating system. Voice control works with your custom Scenes to set the atmosphere of a room in seconds. Go from full, bright light to an evening glow without lifting a finger. Get started with the PowerView® Hub, that ensures your designer window fashions run smoothly.

Enhanced Safety

PowerView® is safe for homes kids or pets. There are no visible motors, batteries, or wires to worry about.

Total Control

Even without a smartphone, you can enjoy controlling hard to reach angled, arched, and tall vertical windows with the PowerView® Pebble remote. This remote comes in a sleek, contemporary form that complements your home decor and lets you operate your home's natural light with ease.

An Array of Styles

PowerView® offers no shortage of amazing styles to accent your windows. Combine the energy efficient benefits of motorized shades with the gorgeous Duette® Honeycomb Shades or Solera® Modern Roman Shades. Choose from an array of colors, textures, and fabric patterns across our products, or rolling and stacking styles in our signature pleated shades. From light filtering to blackout opacities, it's easy to achieve the perfect lighting in every room. For a traditional, rustic touch, we recommend our wood blinds and faux wood blinds. We even offer one of the only motorized shutters on the market. Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters are beautiful and won't bow, warp, chip, or crack to boot! From French doors to skylights to shallow windows, we have motorized solutions to fit your home decor ideas.

Ready to Get Started?

PowerView® Automation and motorized blinds, smart blinds, electric blinds, automated blinds near Charleston, South Carolina (SC)

Let us help make decorating simple and exciting. We're your local experts on all things window treatments, from deliver and installation, to helping you set the perfect scene using your home's natural lighting.


Contact us or call us at 843-306-2890 to schedule a free consultation. Or come visit our gallery located in Myrtle Beach, SC.

We are locally owned and operated, proudly servicing the surrounding area including Calabasas, Caroline Forest, and Ocean Isle, South Carolina.

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