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Roman Shades & Roman Blinds

Everyone loves a clean, bright look when it comes to interior design. Trendy and fashionable decor always bring a room to life, and it is even better when they are easy to operate. At Elevation Blinds based in Myrtle Beach, we take your interior to the next level. We believe it’s the details that matter, which is why we prioritize the perfect window treatments for each and every room in your home. An interior space is not complete without the perfect coverings for your windows, so let’s get in touch to see how we can help make your home perfect - starting with Roman Shades.

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Modern Design

The design of our Vignette® Modern Roman Shades is the most up-to-date styling yet. The contemporary appeal is the ultimate look for fashionable homes. The fabrics are luxurious, and they give the shades a clean, gorgeous look. The intricate folds of the linen create an elegant aesthetic to your windows. An additional benefit is that there aren’t any cords attached, keeping your kids and pets safe. These cordless Roman Blinds require little fabric, keeping them minimalistic and classy. You cannot go wrong with these shades.

Various Styles

One of the best parts about these Roman Blinds is how they can be customized to your liking, and regardless of which of the types you choose, you can’t go wrong with our variety of style choices. The Alustra® Collection has been specifically curated so the design, textures, and colors are the best in the industry. They are the best designed Roman Shades, and they can also be customized. These shades come in two different, convenient style options:

  • The Rolling Style features a 4” full fold or 6” flat fold and rolls up into the headrail.

  • The Stacking Style stacks neatly beneath a low-profile headrail for shallow mounting depths and is available in a 4” full fold.

Duolite® Shades

Our Roman Shades are sure to bring ultimate comfort to your home. They are offered in numerous sheerness levels to provide the exact amount of light/darkness to your room. In addition, we have our Duolite® Shades which have a blackout out panel in the back in addition to the front sheer side. They shade your house perfectly. This results in ultimate privacy and light control. You can also add the convenience of PowerView® Automation, which is the ultimate motorization for window treatments - controlled with a remote.

Hunter Douglas Vignette ® Modern Roman Shades Roman Blinds — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (SC)

Solera® Soft Shades

Energy Efficient

If saving energy is important for you, then our Solera® Soft Shades are sure to impress. They are equipped with a cellular construction, trapping air and insulating the interior temperature. As a result, your energy consumption is lowered which means that your energy bill is lowered. This is an environmentally friendly way to not only save energy, but also save money. They have the soft folds of Roman Shades while also providing a very functional benefit.

Beautiful Look

These Roman Shades are beautiful. The soft look provides your home with calmness and serenity. They can be made with both gorgeous woven and non-woven fabrics. The colors are customizable to your needs so you don’t have to worry about the Roman Blinds not matching your existing decor. You get to choose the opacity of your shades, so all of your privacy needs will be met. You can also choose which border you like as well as the color so it becomes a beautiful fit in your home. These shades are an incredible option for a signature look, and they are the industry standard.

Sound Control

One of the perks of these Roman Shades is the sound absorption that occurs because of the engineering of the blinds. The cellular construction absorbs sounds and improves the acoustics of your room. Plus, it filters out exterior noise as well, leaving your home in peace and quiet.

Hunter Douglas Solera ® Soft Shades Roman Shades and Roman Blinds — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (SC)

Design Studio™ Roman Shades

Ultimate Customization

Create your dream window treatment with our Design Studio™ Roman Shades. There are no other products that allow quite as much beautiful customization as these shades do. The classic shades are absolutely stunning, and our customers love them. From a certain width to height to shape, including the frame and material, these blinds are guaranteed to be a surefit for your needs. We measure down to the inch so the appearance is flawless and the users are happy. Regardless of your preferences, we can help you upgrade your coverings.

Exclusive Fabrics

What makes these Roman Shades so special is the fabrics that are used. You get to select the exact pattern you want (stripe, vintage, or other accents). They are made from an exquisite collection by the designer of New York, Rebecca Atwood, who hand paints the designs. They are elegant, pleasing, and contemporary. They can be designed to be even more customized with the Batten Front, Batten Back, and Flat styles. Trust us when we say that you will love these window coverings.

Light Control

Perhaps the most important function of Roman Shades is to screen and filter light when needed, and these shades do just that. When dusk or any other time of day comes around, you will have the ability to choose exactly how much light enters your home. There is a liner attached to the shades, providing both light control and insulation for your room. Plus, they are easy to lift and lower, cord free. You get to choose from the light filtering or room darkening opacities, depending on your liking. However you would like your blinds, we can make it happen.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman Shades and Roman Blinds — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (SC)

Contact Us

Roman Shades are a customer favorite at Elevation Blinds. They are the perfect combination of soft fabrics with sturdy structures, and they offer ultimate privacy and comfort for your home with installation provided by our professionals. Plus, they can be motorized for your convenience. If you have any questions at all and you live in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas such as Little River, North Myrtle Beach, Conway and Carolina Forest, South Carolina or Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, and Calabash, North Carolina, then don’t hesitate to reach out or visit our in store location. Visit our Contact Us page today to see how we may be able to help you find the ultimate window treatments or other products for your home.


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