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Our team at Elevation Blinds is committed to quality craftsmanship matched by personal service that makes you feel like a part of the family. We are passionate about raising the bar in our industry by exhibiting a strong value system in our services. We blend the advantages of a local business with big-picture vision and solutions. With backgrounds in construction and training by the world’s largest window treatment provider, our team leads the way in elevating the quality of life in your home

Experience the difference in our words, our actions, and our hearts. Experience a personal approach to window treatment solutions. Experience the Elevation Difference.

Give us a call and start a free consultation

Never feel rushed – this is all about you. It’s not just about the install or the product. We set extra time so that we can connect with you on a personal level. As a family business, we treat you like family.

Product Selection and Installation

We have great knowledge of our product selection to make it as easy as possible for us to find your ideal solutions and bring your project to completion.

Maintenance As Needed 

We value details and we value your time. We’ll do it right the first time, but if anything does come up as time goes on, give us a call. We’ll be there.

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What is the
elevation difference?

Our Approach

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Our values

Integrity is our promise.
Truth is truth. Doing the right thing isn’t a matter of question.  

Work ethic is our pride.
We don’t just check things off the list. Every task gets our "all in" diligent pursuit of excellence.

Dependability is our reputation.
From returning your calls to delivering a product with precision, if we said it, we will see it through.


People are our focus.
We care about individuals more than sales. You and your family matter to us. It’s our honor to serve you. 


Leadership is our aim.
The Elevation Blinds family is destined for greatness.

We believe that we have an opportunity and responsibility to help people grow and discover their full potential.

Our Story

Owners Mitch and Chris met while working together at a local church when an opportunity arose for them to start a local business. They understood that their business wasn’t just about offering quality services, but also about changing the community and training up leaders in the industry. Our mission at Elevation Blinds is beyond the goal of elevating your home – we are committed to elevating our community.

Faith-Based and Visionary

There is potential in everyone, and it’s our deepest passion to help people discover that. As a by product, we see the opportunity to change the way that business is done in our industry. By ensuring our team hears more about our values than they do about shades, we believe we can impact a generation of leaders and be a beacon of light in the community. We train our crew to do business and live life with a higher standard. As business leaders, this is our personal mantra: to influence doing good in any way possible with whoever we can in whatever arena we are placed.

Elevating the Community

As a pillar of our business, we prioritize contributing financially to non-profits with like values, as well as serving in the community with volunteer hours. 

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