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Motorized Screens on porch

Exterior Motorized Screens

Unleash Your Outdoor Freedom! Embrace the Versatility of Retractable Screens

About Our Retractable Screens

Motorized Screen

Discover the Ultimate Outdoor Solution with Our Retractable Screens. Enjoy Bug-Free and Sun-Protected Spaces with Added Privacy. Choose from Motorized or Manual Operation. Our Side Track System ensures a secure and sealed operation, while the Side Cable System offers a versatile option for smaller areas and patio shade. Elevate your outdoor experience with our exceptional retractable screens.

Key Features

Experience effortless convenience with our motorized screen features.

Motorized Screens


Bug and Sun Protection

Enhance your outdoor experience with our versatile screen options. Enjoy bug-free and sun-protected spaces, along with enhanced privacy. Both screen options offer durability, customizable styles, and added value. Elevate your outdoor living with the best in bug, sun, and privacy protection.

Motorized Screen

Track System

Side Track System

Experience the superior functionality of our side track system. This innovative system features tracks on the sides of the screen, ensuring smooth and guided movement. The tracks keep the screen securely in place, preventing any gaps or sagging. With the side track system, you can enjoy a tightly sealed operation, effectively keeping out insects and maintaining a comfortable environment.

Motorized Screen

Cable Side Track

Cable Guided Patio Shades

Our cable-guided system utilizes a series of durable cables that run vertically along the sides of the screen. These cables act as a guide, ensuring smooth and secure movement of the screen. As the screen is extended or retracted, the cables keep it in precise alignment, preventing any swaying or misalignment.

Additional Features

Garage Screen

Garage Screen

Smart Hub

smart hub

Transform The Outdoors

Discover the epitome of convenience and luxury with our motorized retractable screens in Myrtle Beach. These innovative screens offer seamless operation at the touch of a button, allowing you to effortlessly transform your outdoor living area. With motorized functionality, you have complete control over extending or retracting the screens to create the perfect balance of shade, airflow, and privacy. Whether you want to enjoy a bug-free environment, block out intense sunlight, or create a cozy retreat, our motorized retractable screens provide the ideal solution. Experience the ultimate in outdoor comfort and sophistication with our cutting-edge screens, tailored to enhance your Myrtle Beach lifestyle.

Motorized Screens

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Today!

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