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Woven Wood Shades Sunset Beach NC

Woven Wood Shades

Embrace the Coastal Elegance: Discover Woven Wood Shades.

About Natural Woven Wood Shades


Discover the natural beauty of woven wood shades, a captivating type of Roman shade, at Elevation Blinds. Crafted with a combination of natural woods and grass materials, these shades offer a unique and upscale coastal look that is perfect for beach houses and modern coastal homes. With a variety of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, woven wood shades provide a warm and inviting ambiance while adding a touch of nature to your space. Elevate your windows with the timeless charm of woven wood shades from Elevation Blinds and create a coastal-inspired oasis in your Myrtle Beach home.

Fabric Design Types

Woven Woods

light Filtering & Sheer

Woven Woods

Experience the rustic charm of woven woods with their captivating texture and natural appeal. Our woven wood collection offers a variety of designs and intricate wood patterns, allowing you to bring a touch of organic beauty to your windows. Embrace the warmth and coziness of woven woods and create an inviting ambiance in your home.

Grass Weaves

light Filtering & Sheer

Grass Weaves

Indulge in the rustic beauty of grass weaves for your windows. Experience the natural allure and organic texture that grass weaves bring to your living spaces. Elevate your home's aesthetics with the earthy charm and timeless elegance of grass weave window treatments.

Select Weaves

light Filtering & Sheer

Select Weaves

Experience the perfect fusion of natural beauty and texture with our Select Weaves collection. Combining intricate grass weaves and warm wood textures, these woven wood shades offer a captivating blend of elegance and organic charm. Transform your space with the timeless appeal of Select Weaves, and bring nature's artistry to your windows.

Design Options

fixed liner
top down bottom up roman
two on one headrail
edge binding shade


Roller Shades are available in various operation types to cater to your specific needs. The options include:

  • Cordless operation: Convenient and sleek design without the need for cords, providing a child-safe and clutter-free environment.

  • Corded Loop: Manual control allows precise adjustment of the shades, giving you full control over light and privacy levels.

  • Motorization: Effortless and automated operation with the option to integrate with smart home systems, allowing remote control access via apps or voice commands, adding convenience and flexibility.

Choose the operation type that aligns with your preference and lifestyle, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience with your shades.

Maintenance and Warranty


A soft cloth, a vacuum or a blow dryer (cool, please!) will keep your window coverings looking like new without super-hero effort.

 Caring for Your Natural Woven Shades 

We promise to stand by our product and will cover any defects in materials, mechanisms, workmanship or failure to operate properly.

Want Woven Woods For Your Home?

Request a consultation today and let us help guide you through the process.

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